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Foundation Specialist for 5 Generations

Master Builders Victoria Hawkins Reblockig
Registered Building Practioner Hawkins Reblocking
Quality of our work for our customers is what drives us every day. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed backed by an industry leading 10 Year Guarantee.

Nick Hawins Reblockig Expert
Nick Hawkins Owner & Director
Hawkins Reblocking Master Builder Pedigree
Established in 1920, Hawkins Reblocking has over 100 years experience in Melbourne reblocking and restumping houses.

As a Registered Builder (DBL 1141) and a member of the Master Builders Association of Victoria, Nick Hawkins draws on 30 years of experience to give professional service and advice to clients throughout Melbourne.
Call Nick for a FREE no obligation Quote on 0419 338 048
Master Builders Victoria Hawkins Reblockig
Registered Building Practioner Hawkins Reblocking
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thousands of happy and satisfied customers

Reblocking and Restumping
Reblocking & Restumping
Floors are squeaking, walls are cracking, doors not closing properly are all signs you have issues with your house foundations. Depending on the severity of the issues, we solve these issues by jacking your house, lifting it so that we can replace the old stumps or foundations with new.
Pre Purchase Inspections
Pre-purchase Inspections
Before purchasing a home it is important to ensure that the house foundations are level and more importantly stable. If not recent removations without updated work on the foundations can cover up potential issues. These issues can be extremely costly and disruptive and with our assistance easy to identify.

Our Services

Pest & Damp Inspections
Pest & Damp Inspections
Pests such as termites and moist conditions can have devastating effects on your foundations. By identifying these potential issues or others early we can eradicate any further damage and reduce any rectification costs that may have been incurred without early detection. 
Undepinning Sub Floor
Underpinning Sub Floor
The process by which we jack the house to lift it in order to replace old stumps which are now in decay. If your house is not level, walls are cracking and doors not closing properly there is a very good chance your foundations are faltering.
Re-levelling A Home
Re-levellng a home can prevent damage to a range of other structural and cosmetic elements of the house. This work which can be relatively simple and cost effective due to its prevention of other issues. It is critical to have your house on solid foundations.
Repairing of floors
Repairing of floors ready to polish
Polished boards without repairing can cause issues as rotten or damaged boards may impact floor boards which are ann0ying and potentially dangerous. Your houses foundations are critical to ensuring your floors are good to go.

Nick's 3 House Foundation Tips

Nick is a 5th generation House Foundation expert with over 30 years of personal experience in restumping, reblocking, pest inspections and house inspections for a wide range of happy repeat customers.
A series of simple tips which is aimed at helping people be informed and make better decisions which might save them thousands of dollars and heart ache when it comes to their home.
Read All Tips.
Master Builder Hawkins Reblocking
Hawkins Reblocking Logo. Reblocking & Restumpig Speciaist.
Hawkins Reblocking. Reblocking & Restumpig Speciaist. Registered Buildin Practiner

Why Choose Us?

Offering a 10 Year Guarantee to all customers
Competitive Pricing
30 years of experience in Melbourne housing and conditions
On Time Completion & Reliability
Full insurance
On Time Completion & Reliability

A clean job site and zero mess when we leave and we even organise the building permit for you.

Linda Clark

Had the misfortune to need their services. Exceptional prompt informative communicative and just an honest business.


Cleaned up after themselves trustworthy. I know Nick learnt his trade from his father and obviously picked up a good work ethic and ethos.



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