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Nick Hawkins

Home Foundation Expert

Nick's Three Tips

Nick Hawkins has over 30 years experience in House Foundations, restumping and reblocking in Melbourne. He is an expert in restoring homes to their former glory and has been called upon by countless home buyers for his advice prior to purchasing their homes.

Nick is passionate about sharing his knowledge and thought he would share this with a series of his 'three tips' across a range of topics related to your home. 

Restumping Your House in the Sand Belt

Much of Melbourne's eastern suburbs are covered by heavy clay subsoil. However, Around 20 million years ago, lower-lying areas were flooded, which deposited a sandstone material. The Sandbelt suburbs are more southeast, such as Brighton, Hampton, Sandringham, Black Rock, Beaumaris, Highett, Cheltenham, Parkdale, and Mordialloc, down to Chelsea, Aspendale, Editvale, Seaford, Fanlkston and further south remnant sand dunes from this time. In some areas, the sand can reach a depth of over and 75 metres. In the east and north, the clay remains, and this region is sometimes referred to as the Clay Belt by contrast to the Sandbelt.

To restump or reblock in the sandbelt areas requires a great understanding of the specific characteristics of restumping on the sand.

If you are in the sandbelt areas, make sure you consult with a reblocker or restumper that has extensive experience and knowledge of this unique environment.

Now that you have the top 10 questions to ask reach out to Nick on 0419 338 048, and you should all be fixed and done in 7 - 10 days.


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