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Nick Hawkins has over 30 years experience in House Foundations, restumping and reblocking in Melbourne. He is an expert in restoring homes to their former glory and has been called upon by countless home buyers for his advice prior to purchasing their homes.

Nick is passionate about sharing his knowledge and thought he would share this with a series of his 'three tips' across a range of topics related to your home. 

3 Tips When Buying A Home

For the vast majority of Australians buying a home will be their biggest investment and is something that is not done every day. However, because buying a house is such a rare occurrence simply signs to the quality of a home can be missed.

Yes, emotions can run high when buying a home and due to the personal attachment to such a decision and the inexperience of such involvement mistakes can be made.

However, there are some tell tale signs to look out for which might help you either avoid additional costs or negotiate a better deal. We hope these simple tips help.

Tip 1: Look for cracks in walls

Cracks in walls are a tell tale sign that the house foundations might be under stress and that the house may need reblocking or restumping.

If not rectified the impact of poor house foundations can be much worse than just the cosmetics of cracked walls or flaking paint.

Tip 2: Check for Doors that Won't close

Door Not Closing Properly

Doors that won't close properly are also another clear sign there could be issues with the foundations of a house.

Foundations which are not level, impact the door frames but not necessarily the door.rectified the impact of poor house foundations can be much worse than just the cosmetics of cracked walls or flaking paint.

Tip 3: Check for Floors that squeak or move

Another sign which can not only seen by the floor dropping away at various points in room it can also be heard when applying pressure to the floor.

House Foundations which have sunk, or stumps which have rotten can mean there is virtually nothing supporting the floor.

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