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Nick Hawkins

Home Foundation Expert

Nick's Three Tips

Nick Hawkins has over 30 years experience in House Foundations, restumping and reblocking in Melbourne. He is an expert in restoring homes to their former glory and has been called upon by countless home buyers for his advice prior to purchasing their homes.

Nick is passionate about sharing his knowledge and thought he would share this with a series of his 'three tips' across a range of topics related to your home. 


3 Tips When Choosing the Right House Foundation Specialist

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Choosing the right person to fix the foundations of your home is a daunting task. The impact of poor quality workmanship can cause issues with virtually any aspect of your home. Whether that be walls, doors and windows and believe it or nor plumbing and electrical work can all be impacted adversely.

It is heart breaking when I am called out to a family home and I am asked to rectify previous work that was not done properly. To avoid this, here are three simple tips to ensure you get the right job done first time.


Tip 1: How Long Have they Been In Business

Fly by night organisations can appear and disappear in all industries. Make sure that the company you have fix your foundations have a long history as this is an excellent sign that they will be around for many years to come.


Tip 2: Do They Have Great References

Find out what others are saying about their service and what rankings do they have on various sites.

Nothing speaks more volumes than previous customers.


Tip 3: Accreditations and Warranties

Ask to see their Master Builders and other certifications and ask to see their warranty in writing.

Quality businesses will easily be able to provide both and provides a high level of confidence of their craftsmanship and quality of work along with support in the unlikely event something does need to be rectified.


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